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Please see above slides presented during the 3rd Predictive Toxicology workshop in Berlin. The title of the workshop was - 'Tox IVIVE - inter-individual variability matters!'

1. Cardiotoxicity assessment - introduction

2. Extended QSAR models for ionic currents inhibition

3. Human left ventricular cardiomyocyte models

4. Simulating population

5. ToxComp platform presentation

6. ToxComp platform - case study

7. ToxComp platform - future developments

All files are freely available for use. Please cite as:

Polak S, Wisniowska B, Fijorek K, Glinka A, Polak M, Mendyk A. The open-access dataset for in silico cardiotoxicity prediction system. Bioinformation, 2011;6(6):244-245.