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CPW 2011 materials

Please see above lectures and materials presented during the 3rd International Workshop - Computational Methods in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

1. Workshop introduction

2. Cardiotoxicity assessment

3. In silico assessment of the genetic variation influence on the drug triggered currents inhibition in human cardiac myocytes

4. Semi-mechanistic in silico models of channels inhibition - extended QSAR

5. Human left ventricular cardiomyocyte models - population approach

6. ToxComp platform

7. ToxComp platform - case studies

8. ToxComp platform - extended QSAR life demo

9. ToxComp platform - life demo

All files are freely available for use.

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Please cite as:

Polak S, Wisniowska B, Fijorek K, Glinka A, Polak M, Mendyk A. The open-access dataset for in silico cardiotoxicity prediction system. Bioinformation, 2011;6(6):244-245.